Artespacio Gallery

Book Launch Libro Temprano

Jorge Losse, Maya Errázuriz, Pedro Donoso, Rosita Lira, M. Elena Comandari

Santiago, Chile


Conversación Libro Temprano

A roundtable about “Early Book” was done at Artespacio gallery. It enabled participants to expand the book experience linking its content to the work present in the gallery. The roundtable was conducted as an interpretive exercise.
“Libro Temprano / Early Book”, Artespacio gallery, Santiago Chile. Included the participation of Maya Errázuriz, Art historian and Architect from Boston University, United States; Pedro Donoso, Master of Arts in Cultural Studies from Goldsmith College, London & Master of Philosophy in Comparative Literature Cambridge University; Jorge Losse photographer and editor, Daga 2010 Editions founding parter.