Sobering Galerie

Against a conspiracy of invisibilities

Rodrigo Arteaga

Group Show

Paris, France


La transformación del tiempo

"La transformación del tiempo" talks about the research of time, perception, sensitive behaviour and the possibility to connect that with the experience of nature’s phenomenon in line with mystical thoughts and the use of color as our unpredictable experience.
"Against a conspiracy of invisibilities" is a collective exhibition curated by the Chilean artist Rodrigo Arteaga and is composed by a selection of 12 Young Contemporary Chilean artists: Aymara Zegers, Claudia Müller, Lautaro Veloso, Benjamín Ossa, María Edwards, Javier Toro, Mariana Najmanovich, Raisa Bosich, Bernardita Arís, Marcela Serra, Pablo Rodríguez, Martín La Roche. The exhibition is composed by 12 artists who are part of a new generation of artists in Chile to which Rodrigo Arteaga is also a part of. This group of young artists is active in Chile therefore the exhibition is a possibility to examine how the respective meanings of their works change and dialogue with the new local cultural context. It is when the works speak inevitably about Chilean identity. From this point of view the curator chose artists that raise questions about such an identity expanding to different areas of thought, from cultural to natural.