Javier Toro Blum - Benjamín Ossa

Bi personal / Permanent Public Art

Santiago Chile

photo Sebastian Mejia


Orbitals Outbreaks

The project was born as a collaboration between Benjamín Ossa and Javier Toro Blum, in a meeting point of their research, related to spatial, geometric problems and linked to human perception. The project is designed to put in dialogue the city and the building, through these pieces, which by their scale and materiality relate and actively engage the passerby.

These segmented circles enter the earth and remain open on the surface, making the observer complete them in his own body and perception, in a physical and visual continuum. The complete circle is in the observer, making him enter from the surface to the earth itself. Although these forms come from the geometric world, their placement in the urban landscape makes them organic, elements in an intermediate place between construction and nature. Works that we do not know if they were there before or if they recently sprouted in the place.

The installation contemplates the use of the land as a plane of above and below ground. The arrangement of the elements on the terrain seeks to generate a visual unity that allows the installation to be understood as a whole and not by individual parts. The lighting at its points, at the same time, acts as luminous points that float in space, marking a rhythm and path that revolves around the building.