Artespacio Gallery

About Letters Fruits and Flowers

Solo show

Santiago Chile

Water-based paint, Kromosystem on glass, mirror, electro-painted steel case,
80 x 80 x 20 cm. Unique piece.


About Letters Fruits and Flowers

This set of nine works whit the same format consisting of a series of geometric figures that have two opposite planes on the same glass. One of these planes is reflected in a mirror that is inside the "box" or "device". (ref Figure/ Edge 2011). These figures are made up of two faces of different colors. Only in the use of the reflection do both faces appear, only in appearance can we see what is behind a shape.
Being able to open up the appearance of a form, distance the image from its reflection, build a temporal relationship between form and image are somehow an interpellation to those who observe and manipulate these things. They expect from those who observe them a commitment in the construction of what we observe; configure a panorama of relationship and how the time between the infinite and random collective modifications indeterminate a conclusive result of the possibilities inscribed in his idea, something like the purpose of the work. His stillness will be lack of commitment and silence.
"Three dimensions are real space" Donald Judd logic that aims to operate in this series, concretely establish the idea of ​​the phenomenological. Its borders configure the report, it will delimit its content and will wrap its image. The shapes and their edges will be both their reflection and capacity for transformation.
Another matter that is important about these figures; are its colors. These inexhaustible, fickle, indeterminate to the point of being; flower, soup, fruit, sleep, arrogance and death. Throughout history they have traveled wireless and argued in physical theories, in tales of rainbows and treasures, in flags, emblems up to football and art ... by an infinite list of situations and people who have touched, walked and thought .
In this series primary, secondary and other colors are activated. Above all, those "others" are those who spend the most time with them, the most cared for and strategically established to build the forms and their relationships. The link of these in space is tasked with activating perception. Build a language, a text, somehow find the floating words to name these relationships, shapes and colors depending on our commitment to what we see.