Drawings Are Systems – Systems Are Drawings


Santiago Chile

Benjamín Ossa
Guillermo Hevia García

Guillermo Hevia García

Style Correction and English Translation:
Maya Errázuriz

Editorial Design:
Sebastián Rodríguez Besa

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The book was printed in LOM printers in February 2023, Santiago de Chile.

Copyright Editorial © 2023

photo Joaquín Vergara


Drawings Are Systems – Systems Are Drawings

Drawings Are Systems – Systems Are Drawings is the result of a graphic project that understands the practice of drawing as a laboratory of ideas and as a wide-ranging manifestation of work systems. This novel editorial box contains the complete series of Prólogos sistematizados (Systematized Prologues) and a document with the research of architect Guillermo Hevia García on the ideas, development and taxonomy behind the graphic production systems of the visual artist Benjamín Ossa.

A 16-paged document intervened by the artist, 22 x 30 cm, printed 1/1 color, 140grs cover and 106grs interior. Complete series of Prólogos para perderse (Prologues to Get Lost): offset reproductions entitled Prólogos sistematizados (Systematized Prologues) signed and stamped, 40.7 x 29.8 cm. Printed 1/0 silver color in cardboard Rotoform Color Plus Black Los Angeles 180 g. The circular copper tool that was used to make the original Prólogos para perderse (Prologues to Get Lost) series