MUT Mercado Urbano Tobalaba

Drawings Are Systems – Systems Are Drawings

Guillermo Hevia Garcia / POIESIS PRESS

Solo show

Santiago Chile

Mercado Urbano Tobalaba MUT
Hunter Douglas

Photography: Nicolás Saieh


Launching Drawings are systems, systems are drawings.

During the month of June and July, the project Drawings are systems, systems are drawings was presented at the Tobalaba Urban Market MUT. The purpose of the launch was to bring the editorial project closer to wider audiences through the use of a commercial space. We believe that the breadth of the editorial proposal should not only be reviewed in terms of its content and research but should also make an effort regarding its scope and add new audiences in spaces with different characteristics. This project, in the words of Guillermo Hevia, "What is relevant is not the set of drawings, the originals or the reproductions, what is truly valuable is the design of a system, the testing of a procedure and the testing of the possibilities, by means of drawings. It is the understanding that the system is twofold, on the one hand, the operations that generate each drawing, and on the other, the set of drawings that make up a collection, in this case the publication. Each part is a whole in itself and at the same time the sum of the parts make up a whole."