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Santiago, Chile

Second Book

Editor: Benjamín Ossa

Style correction & english translation: Maya Errázuriz

Design: Sebastián Rodríguez Besa

First text revision: Gonzalo Boudon

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Matías Allende Contador
Pedro Donoso
Rodolfo Andaur
Loliett M. Delachaux

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Benjamín Ossa
Sebastián Mejia
Tomás Rodríguez
Rafael Guillén
Cristián Aninat
Augusto Zanela
Javier Toro Blum
Pablo Guerrero
Ignacio Elffman
Sobering Galerie
Mission Centaur
Galería Aldo de Sousa

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ISBN: 978-956-09469-0-4
Idioma/ Language: Español / Ingles
Paginas / Pages: 223
Tamaño / Size: 30,5 x 22,5 cm
Peso / Weight: 1 kilo
Tapa / Cover: Dura / Hard



Second Book deals with the production of Benjamín Ossa (Santiago de Chile, 1984) in a certain interval of time, from the beginning of winter 2016 to winter 2019. I once heard that living in winters we realize the time, or rather, our body notices the passage of time. The state of eternal summer for the austral people, seems to put our vital cycles out of phase.
Now, with an artist as productive as Ossa, who varies from group to solo exhibitions, from large-format works to graphic essays, tireless, unwavering in his work, it seems that he had a thematic repertoire full of images and references. An Alexandrian library full of topics from science to art.
The essay will try to find that library through his works, the spaces where he exhibits, the countries in which he has been, the friends he has won and the memories he has made. For reasons related to poetry we will skip the bucolic of autumn and the expectant spring, and we will go directly to winter or summer where Ossa exhibited, here or in other latitudes, relativizing the seasons; but not the life cycles.