MUT Museum of Telecommunications

Permanent work

Valdivia Chile

Architecture: Agustín Infante
Construction: ACB Electromecanica
Museography: Sumo
Lighting: Limarí Lighting Design
Photo: Emilia Duclos
Patrimonio cultural de Chile

2019 - 2022

My shape / Your expression

The need to communicate is intrinsic to the human being, since remote times man has manifested himself through different signs to venerate, represent and consciously shape his passage through the earth. We have created signs, drawings and forms to teach and instruct ourselves about our own behavior. Interacting and relating to each other is undoubtedly unavoidable; we search for it, we exorcise it, to the point of transforming this world into a small village.

Before the use of electricity, which made it possible to make information fly in a way never seen before, humans had the will and the commitment to communicate. We traveled thousands of miles to deliver a message, we wrote messages on rocks for those to come. This work appeals to that sense to engage in determining an image and form, ever changing for those who are and those who are to come.

"It seeks to be the spark that makes us reflect on our engagement and involvement, determine a form and concretize the creative experience as a wider gateway to a new form of language."