Autopista Central / Renca

Obra Publica Nº1


Instalación Pública

Santiago, Chile

Agustín Infante Arquitecto
Daniel Quevedo ITO
Pablo Lopez ITO
ACEROTEC Construcción
Sebastian Mejia Fotografía


Instalación Pública

Time and observation are good companions, one nourishes the other, coexist in a virtuous space, if both are not related, merge into the immediate. What hangs under the highway is lax in time and observation, surpasses the immediate.
Installing a device in the public space ignites and activates elements and phenomena that occur there spontaneously even natural, its nomenclature seems logical even we do not perceive at all and end up seeing the back of a motorway; The limit and infrastructure of its raison d'être. When I face that place in that supposed residual space, I perceive its intense energy, the high traffic on the highway exert constant vibrations on the slabs, the noise at the junction between the suspended road and the meeting with solid ground is established as the instant Of the "shock", the wind that encases and occupies the level step as a transit corridor end up making the place an active, dynamic and spontaneous space. A new kind of nature.

The work, this metallic mantle that hangs under the speedway, responds and uses concordantly the vibratory energy, the wind corridor and the architecture of the space to connect and tune with its surroundings. This idea does not distance itself from the place but on the contrary it clings and merges with it.