Ediciones DAGA

Santiago, Chile

Edited by
Benjamín Ossa -Jorge Losse

Text by
Maya Errázuriz
Pedro Donoso
Soledad García
Rodolfo Andaur

Conversation by
Rodrigo Alonso - Benjamín Ossa


Libro Primero - First Book

Time, light, and darkness. Experience, the landscape and its subjectivity. Knowledge and our nature. Ideas, concepts and spaces that “Libro Primero” (First Book) intends to link and project.

I understand publishing as a possibility to expand ideas and concepts present in my work by means of viewing, studying and dialoguing with those who do not take part in my daily process, by those interested in regenerating and opening up other lines of research.

To allow for these ideas to both travel and remain, to be seen contrasted, to remain hidden and to then reappear somewhere in this world, in time.

Everything constantly reproduces itself, we are producers of our reality, our trees, our sea, our homes, our museums, our colors, our books, to name a few. But to intensely observe and interact with that reality does not ensure its full understanding but more so helps to disintegrate it. The experience of suspending that reality for an instant, transforms us into the observed.

At last, letters are left a loose as I attempt to name things which I cannot seem to find the right words for and perhaps these words cannot be found because they pass by as they are being said and hence I find myself circulating through an endless path. These words are a part of me and in them this happens.