Editorial Vortex


Santiago Chile

Photo Tomás Rodriguez


Principios Invertidos

Vortex plans to expand the canons of editorial design by establishing them as a tool for the development of multidisciplinary artists who question the idea of publishing industrially printed material, not separated from their own research or artistic training that precedes it, revaluing it as a work of art.

The idea of building a book that does not contain letters but forms, somehow ignites the scoop of an editorial project. It makes clear that "it is not given to man to know and know his experience ... it is a learning" [1] a form of relationship and occupation of our environment. It is not about what is detached from him, but about the relationship established in commitment to the object. The "text" is constructed in the same way as space, as it is inhabited, displaced and made more complex by the enthusiasm of those who "read" a form.

[1] Francisco Varela, Doctor in Biology