Arturo Lopez Perez Foundation

Artespacio Gallery

The wind the light and the night

Santiago Chile

Chief Architect Agustín Infante
Architect Rosario Rodriguez


The wind the light and the night

The project that I present, tries in some way to link itself to that way of thinking and doing things, not necessarily in its first image, but in how it is constructed and the function that its constructive system fulfills in its way of functioning. In my work I try to build works, ideas that are capable of modifying themselves or even modify the experience of those who observe in a particular space. This work is related to three phenomena; the wind, the light and the night. It moves, reflects and nocturnally is activated by the projection of two concentric focuses that change and transform the work.

This work is the union and combination of points, which contract and expand. They shine and project their shadows. It is the abstraction of how we behave and how nature marks our patterns, cities, sheep and hives. Trees and crowds, schools and tornadoes. We move and rule by what we are. We look with the microscope and they look like structures as if we were looking through a telescope, the micro in the macro, a group of cells and a forest, veins and rivers, rocks and nails until the darkness and the distances.