Centro Cultural Matucana 100


Ximena Moreno & Lydia Korndörfer

Group Show

Santiago Chile

Galería de Artes Visuales
A/A (Alemania), Elisa Balmaceda (Chile), Armin Keplinger (Alemania),
Felix Kiessling (Alemania), Benjamín Ossa (Chile),
Katie Paterson (Gran Bretaña), Nicolás Rupcich (Chile)
y Javier Toro Blum (Chile).



Curated by Ximena Moreno (Chile) and Lydia Korndörfer (Germany), the works present in the exhibition seek to reflect from different angles on the notion of light, darkness, optics and scale. The nationals Elisa Balmaceda, Benjamín Ossa, Nicolás Rupcich and Javier Toro Blum participate in the project; next to the Germans A / A, Andreas Greiner, Armin Keplinger, Felix Kiessling; in addition to the British Katie Paterson.
The proposals of the artists constantly dialogue with the idea of the cosmos, the darkness and the celestial bodies. While the Sun and the Moon, as protagonists of the eclipse appear as protagonist motifs, the phenomenon of darkness becomes the central topic. The absence of light, in turn, metaphorically implies reflections on the future of humanity.