Aldo de Sousa Gallery

Borders Distant

Rodolfo Andaur

Solo show

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Bordes Distantes

"One of the first approaches to the experience of Ossa, today exposed the title of Borders Distant at Aldo de Sousa gallery , it occurs when we appreciate his photographs. It is possible to see in them an environment that he has to give some transgression of his own introspection. In this experience the journey and the search for a panoramic go beyond the power of space, as it not only to mapping the landscape an artistic representation is exposed. Here the crossing part by designating the landscape as target workspace and the ability to visualize the elements that lie on the surface of the cracked earth. See details of images of stones, burnt papers and rough trot on the sand, offer the viewer that this space beyond the limits of the visible, opening this site as a meaningful investigation. A site that definitely can fondle while you observe." Rodolfo Andaur