Dinosaur Point Rd

Dibujos de ida y vuelta

Valentina Matzner / Eduardo Bendek / Matatea Changuy

Investigation Project

California, EEUU

Mission Centaur


Dibujos de ida y vuelta

Drawings back and forth stems from the invitation by the cultural manager Valentina Matzner together with the scientist Eduardo Bendek in charge of Mission Centaur NASA to link scientific and artistic spatial development in the field of drawing.

“Drawings back and forth” represent for me the real possibility of experimenting with certain phenomena. Those shapes and drawings are designed from the transformation and impact of different phenomena in its body; like gravity, resistance and speed to name some of them.
This research and intuitive development pursues the idea of creating a complexity between our space capabilities with other conditions spaciousness that has been studied from humanity by a very small period in the evolution timeline. In this era, seem possible establish more concrete relations with that other space, out of earth”.
Mission Centaur
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