Museum of Contemporary Art, MAC Quinta Normal

Pero la desobediencia dormía

curated by the brothers Angela and Felipe Cura

Group Show

Santiago, Chile


El sonido circular del paisaje invisible

These ideas "drawing", drag space and time research related to perception and intuition. Constant drawings, which rotate and move in a circular order to demarcate lighting flashing rings in contrast to a space that distorts failed projecting the reflected light perimeter.

This kind of temporary drawings in space are even able to interpellate our relations with space - landscape as a time created with the idea of permanent abstraction. Rather, the extent of now. What can be more challenging than want outflank a line?

Curated by the brothers Angela and Felipe Cura
Before they began the sufferings, the moon voiced his warning, which was not attended. But disobedience sleeping: everything circled the dark stream, the last signal was given: saw himself floating the immense work of carpentry, the birds were driven from their night dwellings and took flight cried, beasts waded toward the Ark "
[Joseph Mallord William Turner. 1843]

But disobedience slept seeks to generate feelings in the viewer with production based lighting, sound installations and workshops environments. In turn, it aims to raise political dialogues and reflections on physical phenomena, social problems, and appreciation of the city.