NG Art Gallery

Posición sobre tensión

Solo show

Panamá City

Photo credit
Rafael Guillén


Posición sobre tensión PANAMÁ CITY

The set of works exhibited under the title Position On Tension is intended to relate and present to the observer a point of tension between light and darkness. This point of tension, in microscopic eyes, behaves like a space of time, after which the Moon (screen) aligns its orbit and interposes to the Sun (source), thus managing to block for a fraction of two minutes and thirty seconds the passage of light Thus the so-called solar eclipse is specified. The concepts of time, distance, scale, heat, light and darkness surround this phenomenon. They are two spheres of different surfaces, materially dissimilar and calorically opposed. All these junctures are not soft, nor liquid, and much less random. On the contrary, they are precise, rigid and solid. The reading of this phenomenon brings a whole floating imaginary of matters linked to geometry, empirical science, our past history, landscape and our present. Circles, light, shadow, radiation, points and lines in space are collected as work materials, such as letters for writing these drawings, volumes, photographs and exposed cuts. They extend in space as a concept map, as score and story. Through a monochrome emphasis, attempts are made to clear readings and pathways that distract the viewer from the bark that arises.