Valle del Elqui – Monte Grande

An experiment of tension between two points of light


Project for Solar Eclipse

Paihuano Chile

Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage. Paihuano Municipality. Chile


Eclipse Camp

In the context of the residence at the Eigengrau Laboratory (Santiago de Chile 2015) I developed an experiment that had the purpose of investigating the use of darkness as a medium for artistic work. Research that contrasted experience with representation and understood the absence of light as a key to occupy darkness as a field of action and meaning. In the framework of the solar eclipse in the Coquimbo / Monte Grande Region, the experiment understands and continues these ideas in the argument of darkness understood as a space, means of transport and communication system capable of moving things and objects. Transform the perception of space and turn our experience and knowledge into that darkness.
The link to establish with this idea seeks to symbolize the use of darkness as an active element, a channel towards cognitive knowledge in relation to present and past experiences. The use of a small flash of light is intended to guide and activate our perception; light in this case is the gateway to darkness that makes us aware of the experience in which we are inserted. It links us and it relates us, it early instructs our behavior.
The flickering of a small floating light spot in the dark responds to body movement that explores the use of darkness as an active element. Understand space as a temporal and mental construction, in response to the stimulus and what we are able to deliver to it in a given time. An intimate space inrelation to another will and movement that establishes a negotiation on perception.
Two bodies united by a line, negotiate the perception and construction of a phenomenon in space. Both balance and stress their own and others' experience in relation to the fact that the space is constantly built and de-built. This time of darkness aims to open a path to the stripping of preconceived ideas and the realization of a mental space by building an experience in relation to darkness and time.
These two movements in tension, conditioning each other, or otherwise co-producers of both particular experiences, negotiate and agree or not a balance and experience. They will have a certain time to reproduce, interpret or transfer the memory of what is observed on a plane. Like the idea used in “An experiment of duality and perception: temporary drawing / Eigengrau, where each participant could draw their experience, transport that idea of ​​space, time and darkness to an image.