I don't know if things come, go, rise or fall.

Buenos Aires, Argentina 2019 // Santiago de Chile 2022

7 drawings of the series.
100 x 70 cm each
Cut drawing on three layers of translucent paper, steel box and LED light.

2019 - 2022

I don't know if things come, go, rise or fall.

These drawings sums up a way of working that is present in my way of relating to ideas. A kind of dubitative dimension where things float and move without knowing where they are going or where they come from. This makes them dynamic, without pigeonholes or static classifications that impale the resulting images. Letting the forms wander has a rather pragmatic origin; freeing them to work, without expecting or projecting too much on them, they give off a sort of freshness and primary sense of existing.

These drawings have that melancholy, that unstable way of observing what surrounds us. Their floating circles and their overlapping radii question the linearity of our classical processes of observation. The relationship in which they coexist rejects the idea of virtuality as a contemporary guarantee; on the contrary, it proposes to those who dedicate time to their observation a zigzagging route without beginning or end, it proposes another mental state, much closer to hallucination.