CATEGORIA / Investigation


"Project on Duality and Perception"

“It is a study of space and perception that is made concrete via the c… [+]



Francisco Varela dijo en una entrevista que “el espacio no está ni adentro ni af… [+]


"Dibujos de ida y vuelta"

Drawings back and forth stems from the invitation by the cultural manager… [+]


"Residency / Methodology of perception and representation of our physical environment."

The experiment carried out understands and bases its ideas regarding physical… [+]


"Eclipse Camp"

In the context of the residence at the Eigengrau Laboratory (Santiago de Chile… [+]



The light is somehow; form and matter in these drawings, behaves like a powder… [+]

2019 - 2022

"I don't know if things come, go, rise or fall."

These drawings sums up a way of working that is present in my way of relating… [+]